Kitchen Mill BlendTec - Grain and Flour Mill


Many people prefer to grind their own wheat, grains, flour at home since they carry the purest form of vitamins and proteins. Getting a kitchen mill for your home can be sometimes tricky as mills are found in all sorts of bulky bodies that are difficult to operate as well as maintain. That is the very reason why BlendTec manufactured this compact size grain and flour mill shown above. Continue reading below to learn more about BlendTec kitchen mill.

The BlendTec kitchen mill only weighs 9 lbs and measures 8(W) x 10(H) x 10(D) inches. This is just about the perfect size mill that you can use on your kitchen counter top as compared to those bulky flour mills that can weigh well over 50 lbs and are a bit bulky to be used in home kitchens. This grain and flour mill is powered by a 10 ampere direct drive motor. It has a variable speed dial so you can control the speed at which this mill grinds your grains, wheat etc. The BlendTec kitchen mill comes with a 60 oz. container, mill motor base, a cyclone and a mill pan. Currently it only comes in white color.

This kitchen wheat mill by BlendTec will pay for itself in a year and half as whole wheat grains are cheaper than grinded wheat and flour. Plus you make sure that you only get the best healthy and nutritious flour for your breads, cakes etc. With this grain and flour mill you can mill your own whole wheat, rye, rice, millet, corn, soybeans, barley, oats, triticale and others. The entire milling process can take anywhere from few seconds to a few minutes. Due to its simple design, the BlendTec kitchen mill is also very easy to clean and maintain.

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