Baking Cup Wilton Cupcake cups

For the cupcake fans, it is almost a must to have either a cupcake baking pan or these silicone baking cups. The cupcake cups shown above are made by Wilton who has been producing baking products and tools for many past years. Continue reading below to learn more about these silicone baking cups.

This baking cup set consists of a total of 12 flexible cupcake cups designed to be used either in a cupcake mold or on a [flat baking sheet] or pan. If you happen to make more cupcakes at the same time then you may have to order more than one set. Each baking cup is 3-inch in diameter which is just about the standard size to be used along with other standard molds and baking pans.

This silicone baking cupcake cups are rated as the top selling baking cups by many retailers in USA alone. The reason behind this is the silicone material which is considered one of the best in baking industry because of its supreme quality to conduct and distribute heat uniformly. The cupcake cups contain 6 blue and 6 red baking cups.

These cupcake cups are easily washable both by hands and in a dishwasher. These baking cups are also oven and microwave safe. It is to be kept in mind that these are not disposable cups and can be used over and over. This is in contrasts to those paper cupcake cups which are only good for one time use.

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