Ghost CakePreparation time : 80 min. | Serves 6-8 persons

This ghost cake idea is specially presented for Halloween and is one of the great Halloween cakes which not only looks scary but looks cool too because of white frosting.


Plain lemon cake
1 tbsp lemon zest
½ cup orange juice
4 cup vanilla frosting
1 tbsp cream of tarter
Small black candies


1. Cut the lemon cake from the center horizontally; pour orange juice on both pieces so that they get moist.
2. Now spread half cup of vanilla frosting over one of the piece and cover with other piece of lemon cake.
3. Mix cream of tarter with remaining vanilla frosting and cover the whole cake with half of the frosting.
4. Pour the remaining icing in piping bag and squeeze out the frosting at different places of cake by moving your hands in circular pattern so that it looks like swirl. Place little black candies on the top of each swirl frosting so that it looks like ghost. Keep the cake in fridge to set for 15 min.

Note: For giving perfect shape of ghost, use the wide icing nozzle for first swirl, then use comparatively smaller one for second swirl and then slowly loosen the piping bag so that long tip would form.

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