With so many types of new costumes emerging throughout the year and more and more companies making costumes, there is a fair amount of competition in this industry with an indication that the prices of costumes will be low but an average Halloween costume can cost you anywhere from $45 to $75. The good thing is that you can still get cheap Halloween costumes from the handpicked costumes shown below (less than$25 per costume) or you can head toward the Halloween Store by Amazon.com which has thousands of cheap costumes for less than $25 for couples, boys, girls, toddlers as well as infants.

Cheap Halloween Couples Costumes

You would be very lucky if you find cheap Halloween costumes for couples that cost you less than $30 because you are getting two costumes for the price of one. The rule of thumb is to set your maximum budget per costume and then search for it. There are many cheap costumes out there that you can get separately and then make up a match for couples Halloween costume.

Cheap Halloween Boys Costumes

You can find thousands of cheap costumes for boys at just a few years old to grown up kids. Usually you can easily get boys costumes for less than $20 and in some case the costume is so cheap that you end up buying more than one costume.

Cheap Halloween Girls Costumes

Girls Halloween costumes are not so hard to get either. These are usually a little more in price than boys costumes as these have more decoration as well as glittery material. In most of the cases girls costumes contain more than just dresses.

Cheap Toddlers Costumes

Usually toddler costumes are not so hard to select as kids at a very young age do not demand much in terms of specific costumes. You can easily get cheap Halloween costumes for toddlers for $15-$25.

Cheap Infants Costumes For Halloween

You can get infant Halloween costumes for as cheap as $12 and in most cases not more than $30 which is very low for a Halloween costume.

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