Kitchen digital timer by Amco

Features :

– Very easy to set time in Hours : Minutes : Seconds

– Has two timers side by side for running two tasks at the same time.

– Built-in alarm that sounds loud and differently for each timer.

– Made of elegant looking nickel-finished stainless steel.

– Stainless steel body makes it very easy to clean.

– Attached magnetic clip for attaching the timer to stove, refrigerator, oven etc for easy viewing.

– Weighs less than a pound and measures 4.5 x 1 x 2 inches, easily fits in apron pocket.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

This kitchen digital timer by Amco is in fact not just a single timer but has two timers side by side which helps you organize every day kitchen tasks such as cooking, baking, grilling etc. Some of its handy features are highlighted in below:

Stainless Steal Body :

Unlike other low quality timers made of plastic, the body of this kitchen digital timer by Amco is made of nickel-finished stainless steel which makes it very more durable and most suited for kitchen environment.

Two Timers For Monitoring Two Tasks Simultaneously :

Many times you would be making more than one recipe and this is where this Amco double timer comes into play. I lets you monitor two kitchen tasks simultaneously and triggers then alarm for each task accordingly. The timer on the left can be set in mins : seconds while the timer on the right can be set in Hours : minutes : seconds.

Alarm Timer :

Unlike other miniature digital timers, the alarm on this kitchen timer has sufficient sound level than can easily be heard up to 35 feet and you can easily do other house work without worrying about your meal getting over cooked.

Store – Attach or Put in Pocket

This digital timer has a strong magnet which lets you attach it to any oven, stove, refrigerator or anything metal in your kitchen. It also has a small stand which allows you to leave in on counter top like any other table clock. Finally this kitchen digital timer is so light and small that it can easily fit in any apron pocket and when not in use it can be stored anywhere in your kitchen.

Availability and Price :

This Kitchen digital timer by Amco is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $25.

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