Insulated Ice bucket set with tong and lid


Today we decided to share with you the not so unfamiliar item, an ice bucket. When it comes to insulated ice buckets there is only one name that comes in mind and that is Tervis. Tervis is renowned for manufacturing top class insulated products and this Double insulated Ice Bucket is no different. Designed to keep ice cubes for hours without sweating the bucket, this set has all the things you need to entertain your guests.

Unlike other ice buckets, this is made of very strong polycarbonate with its walls double insulated for maintaining ice cubes temperature for hours. This ice bucket has 2.75 Quart capacity. That approximately equals 87 oz which is plenty of space for holding ice cubes for a couple of drinks. It also has a top covering lid so that you can place the lid when you have taken ice cubes from it. This ensures that ice cubes are insulated from top to bottom. Other than the lid, the ice bucket also has a carrying handle attached to it (see picture above).

This double insulated ice bucket also comes with a tong. It is a custom fitting tong to grab almost all standard sizes of ice cubes from the bucket in to the glass and the tong can be placed back in to the ice bucket in inverted position i.e its one arm rests inside the bucket while the other is outside. A small opening in the top lid allows the tong to be placed in this position. When you first look at this insulated ice bucket set, you will get the impression that it is completely made of glass but surprisingly no glass is used in its making and it still is crystal clear, light weight yet its walls are double insulated which makes this a great ice bucket for not only home use but also for outdoors. Another plus is that it is virtually unbreakable so in case you happen to drop it, it will neither shatter to pieces not crack. The polycarbonate used in its making is responsible for its durability and clear appearance.

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