USA Pans Square Cake Pan


Today our product in review is a square cake pan which is not like any other ordinary cake pan. It is a commercial grade 9 inch cake pan with 2.25 inch depth. It offers more durability as found by most of the professional and commercial cooking enthusiasts. It is a non-stick Americoated cake pan by USA Pans. Continue reading below to learn bout about this pan and what really is a Tri-Ply construction.

It is a perfect square cake pan having 9 inch width and 9 inch length. The depth is 2.25 inches which is just about the perfect depth for square cake pans. It is built with a commercial grade heavy guage alumunized steel having cotaing of Americoat while the top and bottom is coated with silicone to create a nonstick surface. The core of this 9 inch cake pan is made of aluminized steel which is best for even heat distribution. The pan is overall non stick so you have to use less oil and the outer most layer or the bottom is made of very fine quality stainless steel.

This USA Pans Square Cake Pan measures 9 x 9 x 2.25 inch. Both the interior nonstick and exterior stainless steel layers make this cake pan cleaning real easy and time saving. It is recommended to hand wash it to maintain its shiny and elegant appearance.

You can easily purchase this 9-Inch USA Pans Square cake pan from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at  price of just under $16.