Meal Ideas : Brunch Meal Idea
Preparation time : 20 mins : Serves 6 persons

This is a brunch meal idea which is best suited for working people to get maximum energy for doing jobs. In this meal idea there is two dished which are very healthy and energetic including sandwich and chicken pakora, you may choose any one dish for your brunch meal according to your requirement but both of these are perfect for healthy meal and also require short time for preparation.


This is one of the healthy sandwich recipe as it contains vegetables and shredded chicken pieces. Addition of any cheese like cheddar cheese, Parmesan or mozzarella enhances its flavor and make it a rich sandwich.

Chicken Pakora

This is another delicious brunch meal food which can be easily prepared at home in a very short time. You may omit spices from the batter to make it more healthy and it would taste like a tempura after excluding spices.