There is a huge variety available when it comes to catering chairs and all sorts of different material and design of chairs used in food service industry worldwide. Keeping in mind the current changing trends and facts about what type of chairs people have been buying for the past few years, we have complied and categorized these dining chairs by design and material. If you are preparing yourself for buying catering chairs for your business then make sure you read about all types before you spend a heavy amount. The catering chairs are categorized as Chiavari chairs, Stacking chairs and Folding chairs that have been further categorized in to Fabric, Metal, Plastic, Resin, Vinyl and Wood Folding chairs.

Chiavari Chairs

The Chiavari chairs rank at the top when it comes to catering chairs for occasions such as weddings, parties, formal ceremonies and many other special occasions. These are light in weight and can sustain more weight than other catering chairs of the similar size and weight. These are weather proof and are mostly made to be used in outdoors.

Stacking Chairs

The stacking chairs come in a variety of designs and material ranging from plastic to metallic and wood. These are the most affordable party chairs as these do not require a lot of space either in storage or in transportation and since their simple design not only helps in stacking these catering chairs on each other these are also very easy to clean and require minimum maintenance. These are mostly sold in a pack of 2 or 4 chairs per carton.

Folding Chairs

– Fabric Folding Chairs

These fabric folding chairs come in a lot of attractive colors to match with the rest of the dining arrangement. These are well cushioned and padded and are more comfortable than stacking chairs specially if these are to be used for long sitting hours.

– Metal Folding Chairs

Metal folding chairs are either available in complete metallic body or only in metallic frames while the other parts of the chair is made of plastic, fabric or other material. Mostly metallic chairs are made of heavy grade steel suitable for sitting arrangements lasting no longer than just a few hours. These are comparatively cheaper than other catering chairs and are available either individually or sometimes in a pack of dozens.

– Plastic Folding Chairs

Plastic folding chairs are among the cheapest chairs used in the food service industry. These chairs are extremely light weight and they either come in complete plastic body including the frame or just the seat and back is made of plastic while the rest of the frame is made of durable metal. These come in a variety of colors and designs but the ones used mostly are the white and black ones.

– Resin Folding Chairs

The Resin folding chairs rank slightly higher than the plastic chairs as these come in more variety and offer more durability. The resin chairs suits is all weather conditions as these are weather proof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These are very easy to clean and require very minimum maintenance. These catering chairs often come in a pack of 4 but these are also available individually.

– Vinyl Folding Chairs

Vinyl Folding chairs are the third most sold chairs in the catering furniture and food service industry. The reason being their flexibility and durability which ranks them above plastic and resin folding chairs. Vinyl folding chairs are also available in padded and cushioned style and offer a higher degree of comfort for long sitting hours. The chairs are mostly available in pack of dozens.

– Wood Folding Chairs

Last but not the least comes the wood folding chairs which are mostly used in gardens, lawns patios etc. These are extremely durable and have the capability of holding more weight than any other form of folding chairs. Wood chairs come in both natural and polished finish and are one of the top folding chairs bought for home gardens. These are mostly available as a pack of 4 and are not as costly as the Chiavari chairs.

This ends our guide to buying the correct catering chairs for your business. Spend wise so that your spending last longer than others.