Valentines day is the day when people express their feeling to their loved ones. They offer each other gifts, flowers, cards and confectionery such as chocolate gift boxes, cakes, cookies etc. Flowers are the top most gifted items during the month of February since Valentines day arrive just in the mid of this month so people usually order fresh flowers to be delivered to their loved ones on 14th Feb. People usually rush to their nearest flower shops in order to book a valentine flower delivery. Below you will find some of the best selling valentines day roses, bouquets and other valentines flowers that you can order and book for a delivery. For Valentines Flower Delivery in UK click here.

Valentine Bouquet

With huge variety of flowers being grown throughout the year, it is very difficult to pick the ones that are freshly cut and delivered on requested days. Valentine bouquet can contain several different types of flowers such as tulips, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, daisies, carnations, chrysanthemums as well as a mix of roses. The list of bouquet shown above are from the farms that produce flowers throughout the year. These followers are hand cut directly from fields and shipped the same day. Their freshness last for as long as 7 days. These are delivered is personalized gift boxes with you own messages.You may browse the above listed bouquet and book a valentine flower delivery for your loved ones.

Valentines Day Roses

Valentine day roses are the most gifted flowers during the valentine season and due to the huge variety in roses, these are found in lots of different sizes and eye catching colors. Most of the time valentine day roses are delivered with a vase which is sometimes complimentary just like in some of the roses shown above. For small set of roses, these are delivered in 1 dozen and for large bunches, these are sold in 2 or sometimes 3 dozen packs. Valentine roses are mostly red, pink, white etc. But if you are lucky to find more options, you will also be able to order roses in other colors if you are not that far from Valentine day.Before you book a valentine flower delivery you must always keep this in mind that the colors of flowers are with respect to the occasion. In the case of Valentine day, red and pink are the mostly sold valentine day roses colors.