This buying guide of catering tables is the continuation of our previous guide which was about catering chairs. Tables and chairs are the main necessity of almost every place from commercial to domestic purpose. Either you want to set up your office, arrange a party or use it in restaurants. Just like chairs, catering tables have variety of ranges. Generally these are found in folded structure so that they can easily move from one place to another as it is difficult to displace large size tables specially in large numbers. Folding catering tables are categorized in four types including Plastic, Wooden, Laminate and Resin folding tables. They can be further categorized on the basis of their shapes which are mostly rectangular and round. Below you will find brief information on each of the above mentioned folding tables that are used mostly in the catering and food service business.

Plastic Folding Tables

Plastic folding tables are found in both rectangular and round shapes. Rectangular tables are best suited for offices, lunch rooms, restaurants, cafeterias etc while round shape plastic tables are for any party where people are to sit together in circle to easily communicate with each other. These plastic folding chairs are lightweight, easily folded and portable. Often sold in a pack of two or single.

Wooden Folding Tables

Wooden folding tables are prepared with different kinds of wood in which plywood and hard wood are mostly used. These wooden folding tables can easily fold due to their simple structure and have long life as compared to other folding tables. Because of their durability, wood tables are rated as the top dining tables for catering services, rental companies etc.

Laminate Folding Tables

The laminate folding tables are used mainly for commercial purpose as its smooth and textured laminated surface gives elegant touch. Various types of lamination are used to prepare these tables including wooden, walnut, marble, etc. These catering tables are easy to store, handle and move. Besides these features some of these tables come with adjustable height so these are also very handy when they are meant to be used for children.

Resin Folding Tables

Like above catering tables these resin folding tables are also portable, light weight, durable and available in different sizes mostly in round and rectangular. These multipurpose tables are both for indoor and outdoor usage and also economical in price as compared to other catering folding tables. Most of these are weather proof and are suited to be used in placed that have very frequent climate changes. Due to very strong material, these are more durable then the plastic folding tables and are often preferred over other folding tables having the similar price.