This year on Fathers day think out of the box when choosing a present for your father. Forget about the old gifts such as a tie and other similar gifts as they simply do not convey the message. To make selection simple, I would like to share my experience. My father loves to go camping and fishing and on last Father’s day, he was delighted when I bought him a new tent as his old tent has worn out and was hardly of any use. So selecting a gift that interests a person is simply money and time well spent.

Make sure that the present you buy your dad on this Father’s day is a present that he can utilize in his daily life. To make the selection process easier, I have compiled a lit of gifts that can be given to fathers of almost every interest.

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Electronic items for fathers day gift ideas1. Tech gadgets and Other Electronics : The top reasons to get your tech savvy father a cool gadget is because these tools would always remind him about the person who presented him this tool. It can be any thing ranging from digital cameras, mp3 players, cell phone and video games for Nintendo/PlayStation/Xbox 360[more ideas…]

Home tools for fathers day gifts2. Tools for Home Improvement and Fixing : It is your father who is involved in most of the hardcore house work such as remodeling,tiling, cutting, drilling and fixing other stuffs indoor as well as outdoor. No matter how often he does this, a man always loves all his tools as these are the ones that assist him in doing a variety of DIY Do-It-Yourself tasks. Getting your dad a tool which he can use for his house or garden will definitely bring a smile on his face. You can give him any tool which he would loved to have in his collection. It could be anything from power tools, tool set boxes, gardening tools, mowers, generators or even a snow shovel[more ideas…]

Fitness adn sports gifts for active fathers3. Active Dads : If your father is one of those persons who spends a lot of time outdoors and loves to play sports then why not give him a present that makes his time worth while. It could be anything from sportswear, fitness equipment, boating/fishing gears and even camping goods[more ideas…]

Automobile accessories as gifts for fathers who love their wheels4. Dad Loves his Auto : This one is real easy to select if your dad loves to drive and maintain his vehicle as there is not a huge variety of tools and kits that are available. My father is always very keen to care for his wheels and whenever he is going for a long ride, he makes sure that his vehicle is completely loaded with the necessary gears. You can select anything from fuel saving kit, battery charger, stylish accessories for interior/exterior, automotive parts and other car care equipment[more ideas…]

Watch present for fathers day5. Watches for Your Father : This is also not very difficult gift to select. Just make sure that you know what kind of watch he wears most of the time and give him a same type which is of better quality. Usually dads who spend most of their time outdoors, a shock proof plus a water proof watch is best suited[more ideas…]

Men's clothing for fathers day gifts6. Clothing on Fathers Day : Buying only an accessory such as a tie or sunglasses for your father is not enough. For someone who stayed with you at times when you can do nothing on your own, you simply have to do more and show how much he means to you. First make sure you know is actual measurement before you shop for his clothing. You can give him anything from sports apparel, shirt, pant, suit, coat and even swimwear[more ideas…]

Cooking tools and accessories gift for fathers who love to cook7. My Father Enjoys Cooking : If your father is one of those who enjoys cooking during holidays and other occasions then why not give him a cooking tool that makes his cooking more fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of things you can give him for example barbecue tools, grills, frying set, fish cooker and many other cooking tools and accessories[more ideas…]

Father watching tv with his family8. Fathers Who Read-Listen-Watch : It is also a great idea to give a book, music album or a movie as a fathers day present. Selecting a book for a fathers day present is not very difficult. Just find out what are the subjects that your father has keen interest in and then find the best selling book and you are almost done. Find out who is your father’s favorite singer and order the music album of his favorite singer. Make sure you order the album that your father doesn’t have. Another idea is to gift him a movie DVD that he always wanted for his movie collection[more ideas…]

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