Spicy Fried Okra
Preparation time : 30 mins | Serves 6 persons

Okra is a vegetable eaten usually during summer. It is also called “lady finger” and in Urdu it is called “bhindi“. Okra is prepared in a variety of ways and this is a very simple and crispy fried okra recipe. In this recipe you can also use chopped tomatoes but then this dish will not remain as much crispy as cooked without tomatoes so try this recipe according to your taste either with tomato or without tomatoes.


1/2 kg okra (remove the tip and cut into small circular pieces)
1 medium size onion (finely chopped)
1 tspn crushed red chili
1 tspn crushed black pepper
1 tspn crushed crushed cumin
Salt to taste
1/2 cup oil

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1. Take a deep frying pan and fry okra pieces until become crispy, it would take 8-10 minutes.
2. Add chopped onion to the fried okra and fry on medium heat until onion become light brown in color.
3. Now add all the crushed spices and salt to the fried onion and okra. Mix all them all together so that spices could mix evenly.
4. After 3-4 minutes turn off the flame and drain out all the extra oil using strainer and serve the hot and spicy crispy okra with paratha or you can serve it alone as well.