UPDATE : The Panasonic NN-C994S Genius Convection Microwave Oven is no longer in product and the newest best selling model is also happens to be the no.1 best seller is the Panasonic NN-SN651B which you can read more about by visiting this page.

Panasonic Convection Microwave - Panasonic NN-C994S Genius Prestige Convection Microwave Oven


Features :

– Oven has 1-1/2 cubic feet inner capacity.

– Interior and Exterior made of stainless steel.

– Has 15-inch (diameter) turntable.

– Has auto defrost and time defrost ability.

– Built-in delay start timer

– Has 10 different power levels of operation.

– Smart sensor automatically adjusts power level and cooking time required.

– Has convection settings.

– Due to stainless steel body, cleaning is very easy.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Product Review and Description

Last month I was busy in setting up my new kitchen and for that I had discarded all my old stuff and replaced theme with new and modern kitchen tools and appliances which included only the best quality juicer, blender, bread machine, coffee maker etc. When I came to replace my microwave I thought that why I should not buy such microwave having the qualities of both convection oven and microwave but searching such an oven of good brand was very difficult for me and time consuming as well.

Then I went to seek advice from my friends and this helped me a lot since it is always better to get the feedback from those who have owned and used the product themselves. One of my friends suggested me to buy Panasonic NN-C994S Genius Prestige 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Convection Microwave Oven, which she had been using for over 8 months and she is so far very happy with her wise choice. I was amazed when my friend presented me a carrot cake which she baked in the same Panasonic Microwave. It was nice brown color from outside and looked exactly the same that is prepared in a convention oven. Then my friend described further its qualities which included high speed cooking, continuous uniform power, convection cooking, turbo defrost, auto-select cooking time, wide oven cavity. These features I am going to share with you in brief.

Features of Panasonic NN-C994S :

Wide Oven cavity:

Though this great Panasonic Microwave has compact outer body but it has wide oven cavity which is just due to the Inverter based technology which eliminates the use of bulky components for power supply and hence reduces to compact inverter circuitry. Compared to traditional and simple microwave ovens, it has wider space in which you can also place large bowls to cook anything in large quantities.

Auto-Select Cooking Time:

It has the capability to adjust cooking time itself for various foods and recipes which are shown in the menu. You are just required to put the ingredients accordingly as mentioned in the guide, place it in the oven and select the button for respective recipe. The menu contains 18 different built in recipes including oatmeal, breakfast sausage, omelet, soup, frozen entree, frozen pizza, fresh pocket sandwich, potatoes, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, white rice, brown rice, frozen dinners, pasta, stew, ground meat and fish fillet.

Turbo Defrost:

Its Inverter based technology reduces the defrost time and hence its turbo defrost function defrosts food faster than any other conventional microwave. This cuts down the cooking time and hence preserves food nutrients.

Convection Cooking:

Th feature which makes it more special and different from other microwaves is the capability of convection cooking through which this microwave cooks food just like convection oven along with microwave functions. This allows you to bake and cook anything with the same taste as it was cooked in a convection oven.

High Speed and healthy Cooking:

The food which is being cooked in this panasonic microwave conserves its nutritional values and are comparatively more healthy. This is due to the high speed cooking in which uniform power is continuously delivered for cooking and this also preserves the looks and taste of delicate foods which might not obtained from other cooking methods like steaming and simmering due to overcooking.

Keep Food Warm for Long Periods:

It gives you warm food whenever you take it out from the oven even when the cooking is finished. This is because of continuous oscillation of power which is supplied until the dish is not taken out of the oven.

Intuitive Controls:

The intuitive controls helps you to better understand the operation of this panasonic microwave oven because when you select a function the next respective button automatically flashes and indicates to the user that he or she is now supposed to to press it so there is no need to read manual every time.

Customer Views:

Though these features were enough to satisfy me but for more satisfaction I had gone through some reviews about this countertop convection microwave and where I found most of the reviews were in favor. Therefore, I immediately went to the store and bought this great oven.

Availability And Price:

Panasonic NN-C994S Genius Prestige 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Convection Microwave Oven is easily available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $600 (click to order online).