Last weekend I had a huge dinner party in which when I invited over 75 guests to my place and since I am the only woman who knows how to cook, that is why I had to do a lot of kitchen work in order to prepare meals for such a large audience. Hopefully my feet were as fresh as ever after working for hours in my kitchen in standing position most of the time. As it was not the first time I was in a situation similar to this. I had already done my research on what type of kitchen shoes I should be wearing in order to work for hours in kitchen without hurting my feet.

I remember the last time I had gone through this I had a terrible time recovering my feet pain as the regular shoes that I wear did not provide sufficient amount of comfort which was necessary when working far more than just a few minutes in kitchen.

After that rather ridiculous experience I put on my research glasses and went online to get some information about the footwear that are best suited for hours of kitchen work. I did found a lot of brand names that are offering kitchen shoes that are not only comfortable but are also durable enough if you are one of those people who do a 14 hour shift as a chef. I will discus each of the brands briefly below.

Kitchen Shoes Manufacturer

1. Dansko Shoes (Professional Kitchen Footwear)

When it comes to professional cooking and standing for hours during shifts, Dansko is the best available option for kitchen clogs. Originally made in China, these are the most durable as well as comfortable leather clogs that are best suited for professional people who deal with all kinds of rough and tough jobs each day every day in a kitchen. These are a bit on the higher side when it comes to price but they tend to stay longer than any other kitchen shoes that have ever been made. If you have long working shifts in which you are required to work on your feet for hours then Dansko is the right choice for your kitchen shoes and is a recommended buy item.

Professional Cabrio Clog Professional Box Leather
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2. Birkenstock Kitchen Shoes

These are mostly made of leather, simple in design and not very difficult to put on as well. These are originally manufactured in Germany. The manufacturer of these shoes claim that your foot molds into the shoe and distributes body weight evenly so that your feet are not stressed at any single point. Since I have had a pair of Birkenstock clogs in the past and I don’t remember they ever caused any kind of pain in my feet so this is the brand that I recommend to buy specially to all the home cooks who are looking for the right pair of kitchen shoes for them selves.

Boston Clog Boston Clog Soft Footbed Clog Boston Clog Rosemead Clog

3. Birki’s Shoes

Birki’s super clogs have been very common among chefs as well as home cooks. You will not feel any pain in your feet even after continuous work of many hours. Most of these are leather made and suits both home cooking and professional cooking environment. Although you will not find a huge variety of colors and design from this shoe maker but they are worth every single penny you invest.

Open Back Clog Super Birki Clog Super Birki Clog Super Birki Clog Super Birki


4. Crew Shoes

Shoes by Crew are made for comfort and agility rather than durability which is not that necessary when your job is limited to your house only. Although these are not specifically made for kitchen environment but being very soft from inside and offering a lot of comfort, these can very well be considered as kitchen shoes. These mostly have laces and require only a bit of effort to put them on. Forget about buying these if you are a professional cook working in a large sized kitchen with over a dozen other chefs.

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