Presto Pressure Cooker plus Canner


Features :

– Heavy duty aluminum pressure cooker and canner.

– Has 23-Quarts capacity.

– Has black plastic handles that stay cool all the time.

– Attached pressure dial gauge, pressure regulator and overpressure plug.

– Has strong lock on lid providing strong sealing.

– Also has a canning rack for protecting jars during canning.

– 12-year warranty – FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Since last two years I haven’t used any pressure cooker for cooking foods though I know its benefits just because I had faced a terrible accident with my last cooker after that I hesitate when it comes to using a pressure cooker. But without pressure canner, it is hard to cook low acid food specially meat like beef and even if you have cooked it, you are not sure that the food is healthy. So I finally made up my mind and first went to the market just for survey so that I might choose the right pressure cooker. There I saw many cookers of various brands but again I got confused about which one should I buy. The sales guy there recommended me the Presto pressure cooker canner after listening about my past and horrible experience with pressure cookers. After using it a couple of times, I got use to it and I am now using it frequently. Comparatively speaking, it is better than other similar products because it is very safe and sound. It is not only safe but also easy to use and quick for canning.

Easy Canning and Multi Cooking Function:

When you will buy this piece of presto pressure cooker canner you get the canning-cooking rack which is used to place canning jars so that they would remain away from the base of cooker. This canning rack can also be used for cooking several foods in one unit at the same time.

Check and adjust the correct pressure

Pressure Dial Gauge have two scales inner and outer; which shows the pressure limit and helps you know the exact pressure within this cooker so that you may adjust it when needed.

Why it is safe?

The best feature of this presto pressure canner which makes it the most safe canner ever is that it has pressure regulator with vent pipe which allows excess pressure to release and hence eliminating chances for your canner to explode. Not only the above regulator provides safety but also the overpressure plug releases the excess pressure and steam in case the regulator fails or vent pipe gets blocked. So this is a fail safe pressure cooker.

This cooker is used for canning Too :

Fruits: Apple, apple sauce, apricots, berries, plum, cherries, pears, peaches, tomatoes, tomato juice and salsa

Vegetables: Asparagus, beans, beets, carrots, corns, greens, mushrooms, okra, pea, peppers, potatoes, pumpkin and squash.

Meat: All type of meat with different recipes can be easily canned including cut-up meat, ground meat, seafood, etc.

The method of canning these foods are mentioned in the accompanying user guide. Besides these, more recipes are given in its user guide.

Taste of food:

This is one of the best pressure cooker by presto which ensures great taste of food as it kills all the bacteria from the low acid foods and thus providing healthy food as compared to other pressure cookers.

Availability And Price:

This 23-quart Presto Pressure Canner is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $100.