Infrared Non Contact Thermometer - Cooking Infrared Thermometer


Here we have today, an infrared thermometer gun by Matercool. It is actually an infrared non contact thermometer that will let you know surface temperatures instantly. Compared to those bulky thermometers, this does not require a contact with the surface you want to measure temperature. Currently it ranks at the very top as cooking infrared thermometer. Continue reading below to learn more about this Mastercool infrared thermometer.

This Mastercool infrared non contact thermometer can measure temperatures in both F and C. It currently supports -58 to 932 F and has a very durable and heavy duty construction that is suited for both domestic and commercial kitchen environments. This Mastercool infrared thermometer gun is very simple to operate. It has no ON/OF button and in order to take temperature readings, you just have to point it towards the target surface and press the trigger. This will instantly shoot an infrared laser beam and will indicate the temperature on its 1 inch large LCD display. You can take temperature readings of your pots, pans, oil, candy, oven, broiler griddle or anything else you can possible think of.

The Mastercool infrared non contact thermometer comes with a very handy storage case so when not in use, you can easily store it in your draws or cabinet or even carry it along to your outdoor kitchen. The LCD display on this infrared thermometer gun has a backlit and it automatically shuts OFF after 15 seconds. This cooking infrared thermometer is powered by 2xAAA batteries.

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