Bunn Slush machine - Frozen slush machine

When it comes to serving and satisfying the thirst of couple of drink thirsty people in a party, a frozen slush machine is the right choice. The product in review is a commercial quality drink dispenser by Bunn who are the leading manufacturers of both hot and cold drink dispensing and brewing equipment for the domestic and commercial sector.

This Bunn slush machine comes attached with two sufficiently large 3 gallon hoppers which will keep and serve drinks for as much as 50 people. The hoppers can make drinks over 11 Liters and the drinks come out according to your own pre-programmed consistency either slurry or liquid.

Don’t worry this frozen slush machine is very user friendly and is really easy to program and run with the help of front panel touch pad display which will also indicate when the disperser requires cleaning and maintenance. The Bunn Slush machine has a compressor so the cooling system is monitored round the clock to ensure that the drinks are to be kept at freezing temperature when the slush maker is not in use.

The frozen slush machine comes in stainless steel body and measures 31.9”H x 16”W x 24.5”D which is just about the appropriate size to be kept on counter top or displayed on a separate trolley. It consumes almost 1440 Watts of electrical power and the twin hopper arrangement allows you to serve two different types of drinks at the same time.

This Bunn Slush machine weighs almost 60 lbs so this by no means is a light and low quality slush machine that makes just a few batches of drinks. This frozen slush machine is made of commercial quality material to be used for daily serving and is also safe to keep it turned ON all year long. It is also very easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.

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