Double Old Fashioned Glass


Although many still feel that old fashioned glasses are very much out of the current trends but that is not the case with Mikasa’s Double old fashioned glass which has an elegant crystal touch and rank very high when it comes to best selling old-fashioned glasses.

Mikasa has been producing top notch kitchen and dining products for years and when it comes to glassware, they are never found lacking in new designs and innovative ideas in making all sorts of crystal glass items including vases, candle holders, serveware, drinkware and barware as well. This arctic light double old fashioned glass in one of their top selling glassware.

This are not made out of machines but are made out of a very sophisticated process by hand cutting and polishing which gives this glass very elegant appearance and it also feels great when held in ones hand. These are made of 100% European lead crystal which is one of the finest used in the industry. Due to its double size, it has plenty of capacity for having your beloved drink plus few extra ice cubes will also not harm. It has 11.5 oz of capacity and that is a lot of drinking. Due to their fine cutting for giving Arctic light effects, it is recommended that you only hand wash them after every use.

Many people only have one of such double old fashioned glass as it is not surprising that several such glasses are delivered on various occasions as a gift. If you are planning to buy this as a gift then at least get two glasses or if you would like to entertain your friends and family with delicacy then get more for yourself.

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