George Foreman Grill Griddle


George Foreman Grill Griddle is one of the useful addition in kitchen appliances which comes with more advanced features of grilling plus baking and griddle cooking. In this next generation grill pan you can easily cook paninis, make waffles, grill steaks and other stuff. It offers all these functions because it has 5 removable plates which includes 2 Ribbed grill plates, 2 Waffle plates, 1 Griddle / Bake plate. These plates not only allow you cook food on any of the plate according to your requirement but also ensure easy cleaning as they are dishwasher safe. Remove the plate from inside of the grill and clean it using soft cloth and then put in your dishwasher.

George Foreman Grill Griddle Plates
Durable George Tough triple-coating offers high scratch resistance surface and eliminates the need of extra oil. You just need to grease the plate using tissue or brush and then you don’t need to put extra oil for cooking. Hence this George foreman grill griddle saves you from swallowing extra drops of oil and also keeps you healthy. In addition to this, it cuts down all the fats from food as its plates are designed with sloped grills so feel free to enjoy delicious meat recipes without any hesitation.

As far as the design feature is concerned, the family size cooking area of 84 sqr. in. wide is enough to cook food for 4-6 persons and also the handle is made ergonomic so that it remains cool all the time. The more advance feature which is hardly to be found in any other grill pan is that it has temperature control knob at the front which allows you to cook according to the desired temperature and this results in excellent flavor of cooked food.

The George foreman grill griddle comes with some more accessories besides the above 5 cooking plates which includes drip trays to collect any releases from the food catch and 2 rubber spatulas.

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