Features :

– Instant Meat Thermometer, specially made for commercial grade.

– Measures accurate temperatures in 3-4 seconds.

– Wide temperature range supported via Pro-Series temp probe, up to to 572°F with 700 degree max temp cable.

– Display always show Min & Max temperature and backlight makes reading easier under low light.

– Comes with high and low Alarm settings.

– Digital display has big digits that are easy to read.

– This instant meat thermometer ships world wide – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Having able to measure the internal temperature of your meat while cooking it is a big plus specially if your thermometer measures it accurately in less then 5 seconds just like this super fast instant meat thermometer by Thermoworks. This is a very handy tool in the hands of some serious cooking enthusiasts or chefs who want to make sure that they never overcook their meal. Some of its handy features are highlighted below :

Instant Read Thermometer :

Unlike other low price meat thermometers, this instant meat thermometer will tell you the internal temperature of your meat in 3-4 seconds. In addition with the current temperature, it also shows the maximum and minimum temperature of the food i.e. it records the start temperature and capture the highest temperature reached while your meat is “resting” before serving. Equipped with professional grade Pro-Series Temperature Probe, which is usually built for commercial use.

Supports Wide Range of Temperatures :

Unlike any other cooking thermometer this instant read thermometer has a wide measuring range for temperatures that lets you use it in almost any cooking process without the worry of damaging it. It can quickly measure temperatures of range upto 572°F which is more than what is required in domestic as well as commercial cooking tasks.

Professional Measuring Probe :

This instant meat thermometer has a Pro-Series Temperature Probe that easily inserts to any meat leaving a very minor hole that is hard to notice. This way you make sure that lesser amount of juices are being lost from your meat. In addition with this you can also have choice to buy Pro-Series Mini-Needle probe for measuring temperature of thin or tiny object or Sous Vide cooking.

Alarm :

This is the main feature of this ChefAlarm Thermometer, this feature is very useful when you are busying in your kitchen and doing multiple tasks. By setting the alarm to the desired temperature you can cook everything efficiently. There are two settings for alarm – High Alarm and Low Alarm; High alarm is for your desired settings while Low alarm is for making yogurt and other cold dishes.

Easy to Store, Handle and Carry :

It easily sets onto the counter via the magnetic back that rests over a metallic surface and face up the display to read the readings. You can even carry it in your pocket and take if to your work place by keeping it in the pocket comes withi its package.

Ruggedness :

Since this ChefAlarm by Thermoworks is made for commercial purpose as well, therefore, its display is made splash proof. So you don’t need to worry if you ot drops of water or some liquid on the display.

Price and Availability :

This super fast instant read thermometer by Thermoworks is easily available at Amazon (International shipping) for a price just under $60. Considering the fact that it measures faster and with more accuracy than other cooking thermometers this will turn out to be a wise investment for a long lasting kitchen thermometer.