Silver Candelabra - Wedding cancelabras


Candelabras are the best decorative items one can select for special occasions such as weddings, dinner parties and other similar occasions. Wedding candelabras come in lots of attractive designs containing slots for 5 or more candles. These candelabras can be as short as under one foot and can grow as long as over 2 feet without candles. The one shown in the picture above is a silver candelabra which is one of the best selling candelabras for special occasions and for places such as restaurants, catering and the food service industry.

This silver candelabra stands 14.5 inches tall which is just about the appropriate length to be used in a variety of dining arrangements. These candelabras can hold up to 5 candles and depending upon the length each candle, these wedding candelabras can stand as tall as around 2 feet.

Unlike other miniature candelabras, this silver candelabra has a heavy base which is about the perfect diameter size to keep the candles from tumbling. Every single point in this candelabra is silver plated to perfection in order to give it an elegant finish and long lasting shine. Due to silver plated body, this candelabra can be used with virtually any tableware irrespective of its material and color.

This silver candelabra weighs under 6 pounds without candles and is usually sold either as a single piece or in bulk. When used as wedding candelabras, these present a wonderful sight when all lit up with candles.

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