All Clad Chafing Dish With Roll Top Covering lid

Update: All Clad has discontinued its Chafing Dish lineups but you can still get the best rectangluar and round shape chafing dishes of other brands by visiting this page.

Today our product in review is none other than the most widely used partyware specialty cookware and serveware, the All Clad Chafing Dish. It is one of the finest in quality when it comes to commercial grade chafing set consisting of all the accessories including stand and burners. Continue reading below to learn more about this commercial chafing dish by All-Clad. You can also view both the stainless steel chafing dish models by All-Clad.

All-Clad :

When it comes to professional quality cookware and serveware specially in stainless steel finish, All-Clad is placed right at the top because of their extremely durable and elegantly stylish appearance. They have been producing commercial quality products for over three decades and nearly all of their stainless steel product ranges are very popular among professional and commercial food and dining industry.

Large Rectangular Chafing Dish :

This All Clad Chafing dish is a rectangular chafing dish with up to 4 quart capacity for serving a variety of food items such as curries, rice, meat etc. This is a complete chafing dish set all made of the finest quality stainless steel, the one that is used for its durability, long lasting ability and rust-free surface. The stainless steel used in this All Clad chafing dish is 18/10 containing 18% nickel and 10% chromium which is considered to be the best composition in professional and commercial food and dining products.

Roll Top Chafing Dish With Locking Mechanism :

Unlike other flimsy chafing dishes which have completely removable lid, the roll top chafing dish offers more options and this rectangular chafing dish has a lid that can be partially opened and locked at your own desired positions so that the food maintains its temperature and is also visible to the audience.

Easy Cleaning :

The All Clad chafing dish is very easy to clean as the stainless steel material used in this chafing set can be cleaned with soft cloth and warm water. It is recommended to hand wash it with chlorine-free mild-abrasive cleaner in order to maintain its shine and elegant appearance.

Where To Buy ?

The All Clad Chafing dish can easily be purchased from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 60% discount price plus a bonus promotional offer which might end any time. It doesn’t matter whether you order a single roll top chafing dish or more than one, the shipping is absolutely free. You may also browse the list of other best selling chafing dishes. The list is updated every hour.