Grill Brush Weber


Today we have picked yet another great and handy tool for bbq and grilling enthusiasts. It is a heavy duty grill brush that comes in handy for cleaning grills after all kinds of bbq and grill tasks. Due to its heavy duty construction, grill brush Weber style is best suited for both domestic and commercial bbq and grilling tasks. Continue reading below to learn more about this handy tool.

This grill brush Weber style 6448 is very sturdy and durable as it is made of very heavy duty stainless steel which is meant to last for years. The long 21 inch handle and the bristles are made of very fine quality stainless steel that will never catch rust. Due to extra long handle, you are rest assured that you do not get your hands close to a hot grill while you can still clean it with this grill brush. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to wait until the grill is sufficiently cool.

When it comes to the gripping, the grill brush, Weber style 6448, has a very secure handle made of silicone that is also heat resistant so you can even keep the grill cleaning brush close to a hot grill without worrying about melting its grip. The Weber style grill brush comes with two handy removable heads plus it also has a loop at the end of its handle for hanging purpose.

Where To Buy ?

The Grill Brush Weber Style 6448 is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 15% discount price that might jump back to normal at anytime.