PUR faucet mount water filter


The idea behind faucet mount water filter system was to get rid of bulky filters which take lot of space and also require more maintenance. If you are looking to buy the PUR horizontal faucet mount filter then you might want to have a look at the one we have shown in the photo above. It is faucet mount PUR filter model FM-9400. Continue reading the rest of the review on this faucet mount water filter.

This PUR horizontal faucet mount filter has a very compact assembly which requires no tools for installation and anyone can install it. The PUR faucet mount comes with one filter that is good enough to filter up to 100 gallons of tap water. It is a 3-stage filter that first reduces sediments, then reduces heavy metals, agricultural/industrial pollutants and finally its passes the tap water over a bed of minerals making it taste better. At average, the filter should be replaced every 2-3 months. Separate filter cartridges can be obtained easily.

After installing this best 3-stage faucet mount water filter you still have the option to either use filtered or tap water. This PUR horizontal faucet mount filter has a built-in electronic filter life indicator that tells you how much filter has been consumed and it also indicates, with the help of a gauge, when the filter needs immediate replacement. This faucet mount water filter comes in three assemblies (chrome, stainless steel and white). It is one of the best faucet mount filters you can get for your kitchen.

Where To Buy ?

The PUR faucet mount water filter is available at Amazon.com (with FREE shipping) at a special 3% discount price till stock lasts. You can also browse the list of other best selling faucet mount filters. The list is updated every hour.