Cordless Rechargeable hand Blender


Today our product in review is a cordless rechargeable hand blender by Bosch. It is rated as one of the top cordless hand blenders by consumers across the globe. In fact it is more than just a cordless blender. It is a complete blender chopper set. Continue reading below to learn more about this product.

The Bosch cordless rechargeable hand blender is a very light weight yet very powerful motor that does the job without any power cords. A complete charge will give you 20 minutes of power. Plus the cordless blender also has a charge indicator so you know exactly how much time you have. The Bosch rechargeable hand blender or a cordless immersion blender comes with the necessary chopper attachment that is handy for chopping veggies, fruits etc.

The Bosch cordless rechargeable hand blender has anti-splash blender foot along with a 24-ounce blender jug. The cordless blender set includes a charging station, jug, chopper attachment, hand blender, jug lids etc. All the parts except the blender and its charger are dishwasher safe and can easily be detached for quick cleaning. This Bosch cordless blender is backed by a 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

Cordless Blender

Where To Buy ?

The Bosch cordless rechargeable hand blender is available at (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price till stock lasts.