kitchen garlic press


Features :

– Complete Stainless Steel body.

– Round Handle for safe handling.

– Leverage Mechanism for effortless squeezing.

– Hanging ring plus handles lock for rack or draws storage.

– Identical 54 conical perforations.

– Easy cleaning

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy online.

Detailed Description :

Mincing couple of garlic cloves via knife takes lot of time. A good garlic press can easily cut down the time required. It must be stainless just like this stainless steel garlic press by Rosle. It is designed for easy garlic mincing tasks even with unpeeled garlic cloves. Designed and manufactured to perfection, this kitchen garlic press will save you a lot of time when you want to have mince garlic.

Have a look at some of its handy features which makes it a top rated garlic press.

Stainless Steel Body :

Like other great tools and utensil by Rosle, this garlic press is also made of 18/10 stainless steel body which makes it more durable and rust free as compared to other similar tools. Due to this these tools have long life as compared to its counter parts.

Safe Round Handles :

One of its most handy feature is round handle which offers zero chances of any injury to your hand and you can easily let your children make minced garlic with this garlic press.

Lever Mechanism for Effortless Squeezing :

This intelligent piece of kitchen garlic press has a leverage mechanism which makes it easy to use without applying too much pressure.

Hanging Ring and Lock :

For storage it has two options. One of the handles has a ring at the end for hanging this tool to any hook or peg in your kitchen. When empty, press the handles together and a lock is applied to it so that it can also be stored in a cabinet or where ever it fits.

Conical Perforations :

The element responsible for making minced garlic out of garlic cloves has a total of 54 precise, identical and conical shaped perforations so that each piece of minced garlic is the same appearance.

Easy Cleaning :

The handles of Rosle garlic press can stretch up to 180 degree and the perforated plate easily swings outside which makes it very easy to rinse and clean with water. Not many such utensils are designed for easy cleaning but this tool can also be placed in a dishwasher with other items.

Availability and Price :

This Stainless steel garlic press by Rosle is easily available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for online order for a price just under $45.