Stainless Steel Grill Grid - Cooking Grid


Designed to fit easily on most of the Portable Kitchen Grills, this is a very handy stainless steel grill grid which will almost double the cooking area and you will be able to reduce your total cooking time. This cooking grid is slightly different than other similar grids in the way that it has four legs that allows it to place this grill grid on other grids. Continue reading below to learn more about this BBQ grill grid.

This Portable Kitchen grill grid measures 16 x 11 5/8 inches and is made of very durable and fine quality stainless steel. Due to the stainless steel material, this grill grid can easily be used for outdoor grilling and bbq as it will never catch rust nor corrode no matter how often you use it in the outdoors.

This stainless steel grill grid also doubles as a cooking rack for holding your prepared food and also keeping it warm when not to be served immediately. Cleaning this grill grid is also not so difficult as the grid has stainless steel wires in only one direction. Just use a brush to clean it.

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