Every year new costumes for Halloween make their way to the stores and people rush in to get their choice of costumes. Halloween couples costumes can vary in a lot of ways and not just in appearance. Although many couples prefer to get their costumes separately but there are plenty of costumes that are sold exclusively for couples i.e. one costume each for man/woman or boy/girl. Below you will find some of the handpicked couple’s Halloween costumes. You can also head towards the Halloween store which contains thousands of costumes and other items related to Halloween.

Miss Piggy & Kermit Couples Costumes

Couples Costumes Kermit Miss PiggyBuy from Store

This is a nice looking couples costume containing 1 costume for Miss Piggy and 1 costume for Kermit. The Kermit costume includes jacket with attached bowtie and a shirt along with mask, gloves and cool looking shoe covers. The Miss Piggy costume includes the dress, gloves, attractive wig with ears and nose.

Sonny & Cher Couples Costume Set

Sonny Cher Adult Couples CostumeBuy from Store

This is an all time favorite Sonny and Cher couples costume for adults. The Sonny costume features rainbow lame shirt with gold lame collar/cuffs, bell bottom pants, belt, head band, pants with gold lame accents and a rainbow lame tunic.

Funny Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Funny Plug Socket Couple CostumeBuy from Store

This one is a funny looking plug and socket couples costume. This is a plus size couples costume fits mens XXL and women of age 14-20. The costume features a poly foam socket tunic and plug waist band. This is one of the best selling Halloween couples costume.

Ghostbusters Costume – Adult Size Set of 4

Ghost Busters Couples CostumesBuy from Store

This is a sort of couples costume suitable for at least two couples or four individuals. Remember there could be no Halloween without ghosts and where there are ghosts, there always will be Ghostbusters. Each costume includes a jumpsuit with inflatable backpack. These are standard adult size costumes.

Ball and Chain Couples Costume

Funny Ball Chain Halloween Couples CostumeBuy from Store

This is yet another crazy looking Halloween couples costume with one size that easily fits most of the adults. The costume is made of foam and straps. If your Halloween party theme is torture cell or prison then this is definitely the couples costume you might be interested in.

Bacon and Eggs Couple Adult Costume

Bacon Egg Couples Costume HalloweenBuy from Store

This is a unisex couples costume which means that the costume is not associated with gender. The costume consists of 1 bacon and 1 egg made of durable foam tunics which can easily be worn over other cloths.

Adult Vampire Couples Costume

Vampires Halloween Couples CostumeBuy from Store

This is also an old time favorite Vampires couples costumes for two. The couple costume includes black top polyester and burgundy satin coffin skirt dress with stand-up collar along with heat printed jewel in neckline. The costume is made of 100% decorative polyester. It easily fits most of the adults.

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