There is a huge variety of Girls Halloween Costumes at the specially set up Halloween Store by Amazon. Roughly, the store holds over five thousand girls’ costumes and all in all over fifty five thousand costumes and many other items related to Halloween. Girls’ costumes have themes of:

Animal Themed Girls Costumes

There are plenty of costumes to choose from. These animal themed girls’ costumes can be of a butterfly, honey bee, rabbit, mouse, spider or a bird. These costumes range from $20 to $50 each and the best part about these is that young girls simply love them.

Cartoon Themed Girls Costumes

Cartoon themed costumes are one of the top costumes in demand. These can be your girls’ favorite cartoon character from the Scooby Doo or any other character. Girls usually demand cartoon character costumes in Halloween.

Classic Halloween Theme Costumes

Costumes falling in this category are reflecting the classic Halloween theme such as witches, vampires, devils, pirates, zombies, monsters, fairies etc. These are very attractive and are surely going to catch the attention from other kids.

Holiday Theme Girls Costumes

These are costumes for the Holiday season (themed) at the end of the year so you will not be surprised to see many costumes for Christmas as well as Santa.

Humorous Girls Costumes

Usually these are funny looking or you can say weird looking costumes which not many girls would ask for but if you girl likes it then it is good enough.

Period Themed Girls Costumes

Usually these are the costumes of some of the prominent figures from old times such as princess, queens etc. These are also very attractive; just imagine your lovely girl dressed in a princess dress.

Profession Themed Girls Costumes

This is also an all time favorite choice for costumes. If your girl wants to be a doctor, get her the costume for a doctor, if your girl wants to be a police woman, and then get her the costume for a cop. Almost all professions have some sort of formal clothing so you can easily get costumes for that.

Scary Girls Costumes

This is not the ultimate choice for girls’ costumes but if your girl is going to a Halloween party with a scary theme then this is definitely the type of costume you should get for your girl.

Super Hero or Sci-fi Related Girls Costumes

Last but not the least is the super hero costumes category especially for girls. Every little girl wants to be a super hero and these are one of the top selling types of girls costumes.

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