maverick digital candy thermometer


When it comes to making candy, confections and fried treats, you have to make sure that you do not overcook or under cook it in order to make perfect treat. For this purpose a thermometer is often used but those analog thermometers are way too bulky to handle, and store. That is why Maverick made this CT-03, a professional candy thermometer. It is one of a kind Maverick Candy digital thermometer that stops the guess work and lets you know the exact temperature of oil and candy. Continue reading below to learn more about this digital candy thermometer.

As already mentioned above, this Maverick digital candy thermometer is best suited for hot oil and candy. It has a large LCD monitor that displays accurate temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade. This digital candy thermometer is powered by a single AAA battery that comes with it plus it has and automatic shut-off feature that prevents the battery from getting completely drained. This professional candy thermometer also has a splatter/heat-shield that provides protection to the LCD monitor.

The Maverick digital candy thermometer has 14 different pre-programmed settings for both hot oil and candy plus it has a sufficiently large 10.5 inch temperature probe that you can insert in hot oil or candy. The LCD monitor flashes and beeps when the oil or candy reaches its ideal temperature so this professional candy thermometer clearly eliminates all the old age guess work and comes in handy in making perfect candy and confections.

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