Oster Blender BPST02-B
Oster BPCT02-BA0-000

If you want to make drinks and smoothies at home with the same flavor as you enjoy at any restaurant then this Oster Professional Series Blender is the best blender for this job. The motor comes with ice crushing power which quickly transmits the power to the blade to spin a tornado and hence blend all of the ingredients to make fine and smooth liquid. The blender has two different speed options which ensures the desired blending level of ingredients. For instance to get fine smooth consistency high speed selection is recommended. Its sharp blade is capable of blending not only soft ingredients like fresh fruits, yogurts, cream, etc but can also crush and blend frozen fruits and ice cubes in quick time.

These above said functions can only be performed by excellent design of blender and this Oster Professional blender is equal to the task. It has a durable glass jar having capacity of 6 cups which makes it perfect for making delicious smoothies and drinks for the whole family at a the same time. The jar is made dishwasher safe so that you can wash it easily in your dishwasher. The motor body can only be cleaned with a soft washing cloth only when there are some splashes of blended liquid. The rubber feet stoppers fitted at the base to protect any movement of motor while blending and thus prevents damage from falling of motor from counter.

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