Ateco 612 Revolving Cake Stand


Today our product review is for those who are linked with the cake decoration industry either professionally or like to decorate cakes as a hobby. It is a spinning cake table used for decorating cakes with ease as well as for cake stand server. It is a product by Ateco. Continue reading below to learn more about this cake decoration turntable.

First let’s have a have a look at the construction of this turntable. It is made of a very durable cast iron base and powdered caot finish for the exterior. The stand comes with anti-slip pad for safely decorating your cakes and eliminating any possibility of a disaster. This cake turn table is round in shape and its diameter is 12 inches which is just about the ideal size for decorating all sizes of cakes. The entire construction of this decorating turn table is single piece which includes the 0.125-inch thick aluminum plate for placing cakes and the cast iron base that stands firm all the time.

This cake turntable is almost 5 inches high which makes turning and decorating very convenient. Because of the fact, it is coated with durable powdered finish; this cake turn table will always remain rust free. Other than protecting from rust and stains, this coating also makes it very easy to clean. This cake decoration turntable is white in color. It has perfect balance when rotating either loaded or unloaded. If you do a lot of cake decoration or you are a professional cake decorator then this cake turn table will be a very handy addition to your decorating sets and tools.

You can easily purchase this Cake Decorating turntable from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at price of just under $50.