Twist Top Garlic Slicer


Garlic has its health benefits but many people find it hard to cut and slice those small cloves of garlic. For the sake of simplicity and easy in use, Kuchenprofi manufactured this handy garlic slicer that slices garlic gloves without any hassle. Continue reading below to learn more about this garlic slicing tool.

Measuring only 2.5×2.5.7 inches, this garlic slicer lets you insert garlic cloves inside this slicer and then the simple and effective twist-top knob forces and slices garlic through the other end of this slicer. It is a complete stainless steel garlic slicer and very durable to last for years of use. With this twist-top garlic slicer you will forget your old slicer board which might not be as safe as this handy tool.

This twist garlic slicer tool is made in Germany and you can expect a great and fine quality which is the case with majority of products made by the Germans. Due to the stainless steel construction, this garlic slicer is very easy to clean and maintain. It will never catch rust neither it will ever corrode. This twist garlic slicer is dishwasher safe and can also be washed by hands.

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