SoufflePreparation time : 15 mins. + 1 hr. Chill Time | Serve 4 persons

This mango souffle recipe is mainly prepared with plain meringue, mango pulp and mano jelly. It is one of the most favorite desserts of summer, in this mango souffle recipe its presentation is given as individual serving with the same steps of serving you can make it for one large serving.


3 tbsp gelatin
½ cup water
1½ cup mango pulp
8 tbsp sugar
8 egg whites
200 gm caster sugar
500 gm cream
Mango slices to decorate.
1 pack mango jelly powder


1. Dissolve gelatin in water and then melt on steam or double boiler.
2. Make smooth paste of mango pulp, sugar and gelatin in blender.
3. Beat egg whites until stiff foamy peaks are formed then beat with sugar and vanilla to form meringue.
4. Fold this meringue with the mango mixture using wooden spatula.
5. To serve mango souffle in individual serving glasses, make a layer of whipped cream, top with some mango slices and pour mango pulp mixture onto the slices.
6. Dissolve mango jelly powder in 2 cup of hot water and pour onto the souffle glasses.
7. Place all the glasses in fridge to chill for an hour then serve the tempting mango souffle with topping of mango slices.