Cast Iron Cooking Grid

A good bbq grill is the key to make good bbq food and cooking grid which comes with grill is another important tool for bbq. These cooking grids are designed with different materials which includes stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, chrome plated, etc. Among them porcelain coated cast iron cooking grid is one of the most recommended grate as it conserve heat for long time and easy to clean just because of porcelain.

Universal Porcelain Cooking Grid is designed for various models of grill manufactured by Centro gas grill, Char-Broil gas grill, Kenmore gas grill, Kirkland gas grill and Thermos gas grill.

This porcelain cooking grid is available with three pieces so that it can easily fit to your grill, it weighs 13 pounds (approx.) and dimensions are 16 15/16″ x 24 15/16″.

While considering the working efficiency of this porcelain cooking grid, it seems to be very convenient for user because cast iron grids provide even heating while grilling and remain warm for long time. In addition to this, the porcelain body makes its cleaning very easy and avoids sticking of meat during cooking. The grids are designed at moderate distances so that any kind of meat can be cooked accurately without falling down onto the grill.

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