Clear Tumbler Set

When looking for a tumbler that holds your favorite drink for long without sweating, the ultimate choice by many of the consumers is a clear tumbler set that has strong insulation just like this 16 oz tumbler set by Tervis which comes with a life time manufacturer guarantee.

Unlike many other glass tumbler sets, this set is made of polycarbonate which is a very rigid form of plastic and is considered to be virtually unbreakable unless you use a hammer. This clear tumbler set has a total of four glasses each of 16 oz capacity. If you have a large family you may have to get more than one set. These are made specially for beverages and other drinks (not hot) so that the insulation keeps your drink cool for longer periods. Some owners have reported that the ice cubes placed in these tumblers have lasted for a few hours when left untouched. This gives a clear indication about how strong is the insulation.

Unlike other plastic tumblers, these are not only freezer safe but are also dishwasher and microwave safe. Due to the strong polycarbonate material used for their manufacturing, they are neither too light nor too heavy and are just about the right weight to carry with or without any drink. As we have already told you before, this clear tumbler set by Tervis comes with a life time guarantee so however if you do manage to break one, you can sent it to Tervis and have it replaced be a new tumbler without any additional cost. Not many manufacturers offer such a guarantee so you know what exactly you are getting.

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