Roll top chafers are mostly preferred over conventional style chafing dishes because of their ability to roll-n-lock at your own desired location which is the requirement in most of the food items served in parties. There are many manufacturers of roll top chafers but three of the finest and most selling ones are:

  • All Clad Roll Top Chafers
  • Browne-Halco Roll Top Chafers
  • Winware Roll-Top Chafer

You can also browse the list of other bestselling chafing dishes or you can continue reading below to learn more about the type of chafing dishes these three manufacturers have in their product line.

All Clad Roll Top Chafers

All Clad has been producing top class cooking tools and products for many years. Their two popular roll top chafer design include the round as well as the rectangular chafing dish (shown above). The All-Clad roll top chafers are made of heavy duty commercial grade stainless steel metal of 18/10 composition which is a standard in food service industry. These chafers have elegant appearance and are mostly purchased for commercial use but many people use it for their home gatherings as well.

Browne-Halco Roll Top Chafers

Browne-Halco comes next with their high quality stainless steel roll top chafers. These come in very simple designs and their most popular roll top chafers include the ones with gold plated legs (shown above). Most of the Browne-Halco chafers have mounting studs for heaters as well as stay-cool handles which makes opening/closing the top lid very convenient. These roll-top chafers are bought for both home and restaurant use.

Winware Roll-Top Chafer

If you are low on budget for roll top chafing dishes to be used in homes then Winware roll top chafers are the ones you should be looking for. Although these are nowhere near the quality of All-Clad and Browne-Halco chafing dishes but for low-cost roll top chafers, they offer very economic solution for home parties and yearly family gatherings. All the Winware chafers are made of stainless steel material which makes cleaning and maintaining very easy. Only hand washing is recommended to prolong the life of stainless steel chafing dishes.