Best Whey protein on sale

This week our product in review is no other than a nutrition supplement, the 100% Whey Protein – Gold Standard, a product by Optimum Nutrition. This protein supplement is rated as the best whey protein by retailers and consumers across the globe and not surprisingly, 90% of its consumers are bodybuilders who are keen in building their lean muscle mass. Continue reading below to find more about the nutritional benefits of this protein supplement.

The reason it is rated as the best whey protein is due to the fact that every serving of this protein supplement contains comparatively less fat, cholesterol and lactose. All the three factors that cause hindrance in body builder’s effort in building only the lean muscle mass. Each serving of the Optimum Nutrition whey protein contains over 5 g of BCCAs (branched-chain amino acids). The combination of these amino acids build up 1/3 part of the skeletal muscle in a human body and are mostly used for protein production. BCAAs are also used for strengthening athletes so with every serving you are building up more strength and eventually nourishing your muscles.

This whey protein gets ready instantly with a spoon in milk or any other liquid to make a yummy drink packed with protein isolates and other essential nutrients that are required to complement your workouts. Currently this whey protein comes in over 20 flavors but the mostly sold one is the Double Rich Chocolate. Other flavors include strawberry, banana cream, chocolate, chocolate malt, extreme chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla ice cream, orange cream, chocolate mint, strawberry banana, chocolate coconut, rootbeer float, rocky road, vanilla, tropical punch, french vanilla creme, cookies n’ cream, extreme milk chocolate, mocha cappuccino, egg nog, coffee, caramel toffee fudge, null and 16-flavor variety pack.

Whey Protein Sale :

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