Frozen Vegetable Salad, Frozen Salad
Preparation time : 35mins | Serves 6 persons
Salads are one of those food items which enhances the appearance of your dining table, if presented in those fancy looking salad bowls or trays and they also provide lots of vegetable nutrition.There are many health benefits associated with vegetable cooking but it is advised to only use fresh vegetables when making any kind of salad. Mostly salads are prepared by veggies and with some dip sauces but if we combine both main ingredients of salads with gelatin, the salad will get the shape of bowl and will look more attractive. A professional salad shooter can be used to cut all the veggies but if you do not have one you can use a knife for cutting.


½ cup mayonnaise
½ cup cream
1 cup yogurt (drain out all the water from it)
3 tbspn carrot (copped) or as required
3 tbspn capsicum (copped) or as required
Coriander leaves (copped) or as required
3-4 green chilies (copped) or as required
3 tbspn cabbage (copped) or as required
Pinch of sugar or to taste
Salt to taste
Crushed Black pepper to taste (using a wooden pepper mill)
1 tbspn gelatin powder

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1. Dissolve gelatin powder in 3-4 tbspn of water and melt it using double boiler ( put the bowl of gelatin mixture on the heated water).
2. Mix all the ingredients along-with melted gelatin in a bowl in which you have to freeze the salad.
3. Keep the salad bowl in fridge for 15-20mins till salad becomes set.
4. Turn out on the dish after it sets.

Use any vegetable you want except those which has water and you can also change the ratio of cream, mayonnaise and yogurt according to your need or diet.

Delicious Salad Pudding is ready to serve with any meal like potato fried rice (tehri) or it can be eaten separately.