Preparation time : 20 mins + Chill time | Serves 6 persons

This is famous falooda recipe from Pakistani cuisine. Falooda is prepared in different styles for instance; “Creamy falooda” and “jelly Falooda”. This is original jelly falooda recipe in which you can also add ingredients of your own choice. This recipe can be prepared in few minutes if you use ready made ice cream. For more Asian dessert recipes, refer to the book : The Sweet Spot, which contain over 100 delightful recipes inspired from various Asian cuisines.


2 cups thin white noodles (boiled)
1 ltr milk
3 tbspn strawberry sauce
Sugar to taste
½ cup crushed cashew
½ cup crushed almonds
½ cup crushed pistachio
½ cup roasted raisins
Any flavor ice cream as required
1 pack apple jello mix
1 pack banana jello mix
1 pack pineapple jello mix


1. Take a deep sauce pan to boil milk.
2. When the milk starts bubbling, add crushed almonds, pistachio, cashew, sugar and raisins. Cook them on medium heat for at least 15-20 mins so that all flavors of nuts absorbs in the milk and the mixture become denser.
3. Now pour the milk mixture into a deep bowl and place it in freezer for 30 mins.
4. Then prepare each flavor of jello mixture separately(just dissolve jello mix in hot water) and freeze it.
5. After that in a beautiful serving glass of falooda put a big scoop of ice cream with some boiled noodles into the glass, add some pieces of fruit jelly and fill the glass with the chilled milk mixture, Delicious healthy falooda is ready to serve, it gives more taste when it is chilled for further half an hour after assembling.