green punchPreparation time : 5 min. + Chill time | Serves 4 quarts

This is one of a scary Halloween punch recipe, this green punch can be served at any occasion by simple putting the drink in glasses but if you present it at Halloween then do follow the presentation as given below to give it scary look.


2 cup sugar
1 quart water
1 liter 7up
2 envelopes lime drink mix
1 can pineapple juice
1 quart ginger ale


1. In a jug completely dissolve sugar in water.
2. After that add rest of the ingredients to the sugar water syrup and stir well. Keep the punch in fridge to chill.
3. To serve this green Halloween punch, take two punch bowls of different sizes, fill half of the large bowl with dry ice and then place the second bowl onto the ice. Pour the prepared green punch in the small bowl which looks scary.

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