Beef Steak & Salad Meal Idea
Preparation time : 1 hr (approx) | Serves 2 persons

An easy and quick meal for everyone. The ingredients used in these recipes are very simple and easily available at home so if you are in a hurry and want some healthy meal then this meal idea will be best for you to prepare in very short time.

Main Dish
Beef Steak
Grill Steak
Steak! The most easy beef recipe prepare in very short time.

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Side Dishes
Creamed Potatoes
Creamed Potatoes
The yummy creamy potatoes complements this grilled steak.[view recipe]
Frozen Vegetable Salad, Frozen Salad
Vegetable Salad Recipe
An awesome healthy frozen vegetable salad.[view recipe]

Egg Pudding
In the end this delicious egg pudding makes your meal complete.
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