When looking for a great deep fryer that has all the capabilities to deep fry almost any food, one must always keep few things in mind i.e the deep fryer should have sufficient capacity for preparing food for your family or even for some uninvited guests and keeping healthy cooking in mind it should have a decent size strainer with perforations that are sufficient enough to drain excess oil from your food. All this can be found in Bayou Classic Deep Fryer which has been made for deep frying all kinds of foods. Continue reading below to find more about its features.

The Bayou classic deep fryer has 14 quart capacity which is plenty of space for making food for a couple of people. Its body is made of stainless steel which makes this a great deep fryer that will never catch rust or get stained. It is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and that is why it is also suitable for outdoor cooking adventures. It is a very durable cookware you can get for the price. The deep fryer pot is 13 inches deep, 6 inches high and its walls are 0.7 mm / 21 gauge.

If you have a large family and this kind of deep fryer doesn’t fulfill your need with respect to capacity, then you would definitely go for some professional and small size Commercial Deep Fryers.

Besides its external appearance as a shiny stainless steel body, its basket is also made of stainless steel and has dozens of perforations for draining all that excess fatty moisture from your food and you all know what we are talking about. The basket rests nicely into the classic deep fryer pot without touching the bottom of the fryer and is very easy to take out with the help of a cool touch handle that remains cool throughout the cooking process. Besides this, it has a top notched lid for covering the deep fryer making it one great and handy fryer not only for home but also for outdoor cooking.

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