Flatware Stainless Steel

Features :

– Complete rust-free stainless steel body.

– Highly durable

– Dishwasher Safe

– Contains a total of 45 pieces (see below)

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online

Detailed Description

Besides managing supreme quality kitchenware items, the other necessary things for a home worker is to select the best items for tableware which not only admires your family but also looks attractive for any party or regular meals. Among tableware, the most used item is serving flatware cutlery set. For selecting the best flatware set, few things should be kept in mind i.e. the material of the set must be stainless steel, design must be heavy so that the spoons and forks do not bend easily and last longer and last but not least is the finishing, which should be well polished just like a mirror. Not all the above features are found in many serving flatware sets these days but the flatware stainless steel from J.A. Henckels has it all.
It is a 45 pieces serving set which includes :

1. Eight 5 pieces place setting
2. Five hostess pieces
3. Sugar spoon
4. Butter knife
5. Meat fork
6. Serving spoon
7. Slotted serving spoon

Design Features of Flatware Pieces:

18/10 Stainless Steel Body : The body of these flatware pieces is made up of stainless steel in which 18% chrome is used which prevents all the 45 pieces from any kind of corrosion and also increases the resistance from stains. While the 10% nickle makes its surface shiny and smooth just like mirror and hence the cutlery not only looks good but also last for years.

Durable Flatware Stainless Steel Body :
This set is not only used as serving flatware but it is also designed in such away that it can be used casually and it is 100% safe from your children who usually play with forks and spoons and bend them very badly. This is all due to the heavy body of each piece which makes it durable, safe and very difficult to bend.

Dishwasher Safe :
Mostly people avoid the use of dishwasher while washing flatware as it would cause stains on its surface but this is not the case with this unique flatware set as it is made stainless steel so don’t hesitate to wash your stainless flatware in your dishwasher.

Designed as Serving Flatware : J.A. Henckels has introduced this flatware cutlery set with beautiful and elegant European Design so that it can be used as serving flatware for any dinner or lunch party at home.

Availability And Price :

This serving flatware from J.A. Henckels is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $75.