Best Electric Smoker the Old Smokey Electric Smoker


This week in our product spotlight is no other than an electric smoker by one of the top manufacturers the Old Smokey. With the rising prices of smoked food dishes, it is always best to have your food smoked at home in your own smoker. With this being considered as one of the best electric smoker, you can make sure that you save some extra money every time you smoke
those expensive ribs or steaks at home or outdoor.

In this electric smoker review, we will list down all the handy features that are essential in a nifty smoker. Since it is electric smoker, it has a very strong heating element that is present at the bottom and the total power required to operate this electric smoker is 1250 Watts. It is 16 inches in diameter and almost 30 inches tall and is best suited to operate in open environment. Due to the use of aluminum steel in its manufacturing, it is stated by the manufacturer that it is completely corrosion resistant and unlike other non-electric smokers, it will not be very difficult to clean and that is the specialty of electric smoker that at the end of the day, you do not have to spend too much time cleaning your smoker.

Now let us illustrate what lies inside this electric smoker. It has a flat top lid so that all the juices fall back into the food. The top lid is sealed tightly so that no smoke escapes from the smoker. Unlike other electric smokers, this Old Smokey electric smoker has two cooking racks so you can cook more food at the same time and do not have to wait for hours. Below the cooking racks lies a drip pan for collecting all the juices and right above the heating element lies the chip tray where all the wood chips are supposed to be placed. What makes this the best electric smoker is its heat controlling mechanism which allows you to adjust temperature from outside and thus allowing you to cook different types of food items such as steaks, ribs, seafood etc.

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