Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer kit

There are not many pots that would accommodate a complete turkey for deep frying but this classic outdoor gas fryer would. It is a complete deep frying kit will all the necessary accessories required for indoor and outdoor frying adventures. Continue reading below to find more about this turkey frying kit.

This is a complete stainless steel turkey fryer kit to be used specifically for all sorts of outdoor cooking adventures and parties. Its pot is not a small one and is on 32 quart capacity, sufficient enough to deep fry one whole turkey weighing up to 25 lbs or three chicken simultaneously. The turkey gets fried within 45 minutes and chicken gets fried in almost 20 minutes. Unlike other deep fryers, it does not require large quantity of oil as it is cylindrical in shape rather than circular. The frying kit includes a perforated poultry rack with carrying hooks so that it does not create any mess when taking out your fried turkey. This outdoor frying kit also comes with a perforated steam or boiling basket where you can place whatever you want from vegetables to meat and other food items.

This outdoor gas fryer kit also has a propane burner enclosed in a steel frame durable enough to hold the deep fryer along with the rest of the ingredients including oil. This makes it a very convenient outdoor frying kit to fulfill almost every sort of cooking needs. Besides all this, the stainless steel turkey fryer kit also has a top covering lid and a thermometer which can measure temperatures as high as 750 F. It also has three skewer set for frying chicken and the outdoor gas burner has a 10-PSI regulator for adjusting temperature.
Although it is best to get this complete frying kit with the outdoor gas fryer and other accessories but if you have no plans on taking it outdoor and are only interested in the turkey fryer, you can look at the stainless steel turkey fryer without burner.

You may also look for some professional professional and small size Commercial Deep Fryers which are more suitable for turkey becuase of sufficient space.

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