BBQ Grill Tools Set by Cuisinart Chamoion 5 Piece

A complete and good bbq grill tool set results in great bbq or grill food because a grill pan without proper tools can make your work messy or may not prepare proper food. The material and design of grill also matters in making grill food because if it’s not prepared with stain free material then your food may stick to the pan or burn, if heating is not even. So here is a 5 piece champion BBQ Grill tool set from Cuisinart which is one of the best for grilling or bbq food like Steaks, fish, chicken, vegetables, etc.

The Cuisinart bbq grill tool set consists of 5 pieces which includes:

  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Basting brush
  • Fork
  • Cleaning brush

Besides having these specialized tools, one additional piece also comes with this set which is a deluxe storage case in which you can store all these grill tools.

The tools are designed with stainless steel with wide Santoprene rubberized grips having longer life in both extreme hot and cold environments. While grilling through sawtooth edge chef’s spatula you can easily check the meat, the tongs provide easy handling of food like hot dogs and sausages. The cleaning of these tools along with grill is made easy by Master cleaning brush which is designed with a rotating brush head, integrated hook for lifting grates, scraping notches and copper bristles. For brushing food during grilling basting brush is provided which ensures safe and clean dripping of sauces and oil.

Where To Buy ?

This bbq grill tool from Cuisinart is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a limited 25% discount price.