Belleek Pitcher - 10 inch ceramic pitcher


Today our product in review is a 10 inch pitcher by Belleek Pottery Ltd. It is a classic ceramic pitcher which is not so common when it comes to casual dining and tableware. It is a fine piece of artistry and craftsmanship. Belleek Pitcher has been selected most of the time as a gift item and still used for what it is meant for, as a pitcher. Continue reading below to learn more about this pitcher.

Belleek Pottery has been in pottery production business for over a century. Their fine pieces of pottery are sold world wide and according to recent stats by the company itself, Belleek Pottery Ltd have been generating an annual turnover of over 40 million Euros. Their ceramic, porcelain and other stone wares are the best example of their splendid artwork and supreme craftsmanship. And their ceramic pitcher shown above is no different from the rest of their collection.

This is a 10-inch Belleek Pitcher which is made with elegance to give it a classy touch. This ceramic pitcher can hold enough water or other drink such as wine, beer etc. Whole body is made of very fine quality ceramic which has been in the commercial market for many decades. The pitcher can hold drinks for couple of folks and unlike other low price ceramic pitchers, it will never fade in color nor loose any artwork from its body, if taken proper care of.

This Belleek pitcher has some excellent craft work on its body. All the decoration in this ceramic pitcher is done by hands to make sure every possible detail is highlighted and the elegant appearance of this pitcher remains conserved. The pitcher has a sufficient face to allow easy pouring of liquid and to aid the process, a very fine looking handle is attached to it which makes the job real easy. Whether you get this as a gift or use it as a regular pitcher, this is a great ceramic product to have specially of you are a big fan of ceramic ware.

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