People prefer to use a round chafer for desserts, soups, curries etc. There are various round chafer designs which makes selection a bit difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. Below we have listed down some of the best selling round chafers which can be bought online and offer a great value for money. Almost all the top quality chafers are made of stainless steel material which makes cleaning and maintaining super easy. You can also browse the list of other bestselling chafing dishes or continue reading below about best selling round chafing dishes.

  • Walco Hallmark Round Chafer
  • All-Clad Round Chafer
  • Browne-Halco Round Chafing Dish

Walco Hallmark Round Chafer

Walco Hallmark Round Chafer[asa]B0030EG066[/asa]

The top round chafer in the list is the Walco Hallmark chafer with a very elegant appearance and well as simple design. The chafer has a 5 quart capacity. These have very attractive gold plated legs and handles for the top lid and on the chafer. This round chafer has a very handy roll top cover. This is the finest in the market and is mostly used in restaurants and hotels due to its heavy duty construction.

All-Clad Round Chafer

All Clad Round Chafer


Next comes the All Clad round chafer which is also one of the top selling chafing dishes. It is made of very high quality 18/10 stainless steel material and is used in both home parties as well as in commercial sector such as restaurants. This round chafer also has a roll top lid with a very handy lockable hinges mechanism. It measures 21x21x14 inches and weighs just under 36 lbs.

Browne-Halco Round Chafing Dish

Browne Halco Round Chafer


Browne Halco has been producing chafing dishes for many years and their round chafer is just one of their elegant looking products. It has a very attractive mirror finish with restaurant quality stainless steel construction. This one also has a roll top cover that retracts up to 180 degrees and can also be removed.